The Mighty Lion

Lazy Arvo's

Do not pity me. For it is at my own machinations that led me to wake inside the lions den. Not for the first time either, for the scars across my heart tell the tale. The lion that rules this pride is unlike any other for he is Herculion. The poets claim the Demi-god fought and killed this mighty lion and returned with his iron hide. Yet the stories are false to this tale, as Herculion plucked out Hercules heart and gorged while it still beat. In a twisted muse Herculion sent Zeus’s son back into to the world. Condemned to fill the void that now takes hold in his breast.

Yet here I woke deep in the den. Herculion sniffing me out, looked down upon me and said “You seem to forget if you are friend or foe, Man”. This quip roused the other decrepit lions in the den…

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